Pins. Various sizes / types available.
Manufacturer: Hemline

Quantity: 1 pack

Picture of Pins 30mm: Dressmaker Nickel/Silver
Pins 30mm: Dressmaker Nickel/Silver
Hardened and tempered steel pins, finer and longer than the 26mm.
Picture of Pins 45mm: Glass Head
Pins 45mm: Glass Head
Extra long pins with easy to see yellow heads for quilting.
Picture of Pins 26mm: Household Steel
Pins 26mm: Household Steel
An all purpose pin, slightly thicker than a dressmaking pin, suitable for all general use.
Picture of Pins 38mm: Plastic Head
Pins 38mm: Plastic Head
Longer size pins with colourful plastic heads.
Picture of Pins 34mm: Shirt And Bridal
Pins 34mm: Shirt And Bridal
A medium length, fine guage pin, with a large bright pearl head designed for shirt and bridal use.
Picture of Pins 13mm: Twist/Spiral Shaft
Pins 13mm: Twist/Spiral Shaft
A special pin that can be twisted into soft wood, furnishing materials. Used extensively for home furnishing. 30 pieces
Picture of Pins: Loose Cover
Pins: Loose Cover
Picture of Pins: Nappy
Pins: Nappy
Safety lock pins for nappies. 56mm Pink 6 pieces